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The scrubs might be color coded by size. It's probably nothing.

Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense.

"Hey! I'm done. You should go wwa-

- aaaoh. OK. You didn't say anything about all the bodies."

"What!? Oh, yeah. Sorry. There's bodies."

"Lots of bodies."


>Kendra: Try to talk to Bina and figure out what's happening. Already sorta have an idea

"Is that blood yours?"

"No, I don't know whose it is for sure, but I think it's uh… Kate or whoever. The people who were down here."

"And the chair…?"

"Not me either."

"Are you with me in thinking that -"

"Something large and Gregor-shaped happened?"

"Yeah. Have I mentioned that I really hate that guy?"

"Not recently, no."

"I really hate that guy."


"Are you going to -

"Uh huh. Oh! Before I go, uh - there's, like, flashlights and stuff, on those shelves over there. And wet wipes, if you need to - "


"And I think we can use some of those curtains for, like, padding for the truck, you know? For the journal? I was going to tear them dow -

"Right, you should go get that stuff off you, I'll get them and, uh, I won't - uh, I won't you know - I'll stay here."

"It's fine! I mean -

"I'll stay here though. OK? Until your done. You don't need to worry."

"Sure. Right. OK."