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Bina: Babble incoherently.

Oh god!

OH GOD she freaked out again!

And she'd stared! Like a total freako pervert! Oh god!

> Bina: Be incredibly turned on

And Kendra is REALLY hot!

She's got to have had people ogle her her whole life, so she TOTALLY KNOWS that's what Bina was doing, which was TOTALLY GROSS OF HER because Kendra is being sensible and just getting clean and -


Bina is the biggest butt-face in the history of forever!

It's ok Bina, it's just a body. It's Kendra's body. Everyone has a body, and some of them you like and some you don't. It's perfectly fine to have an opinion on that. Even if the worst case scenario happens, and you find your friend to be ridiculously attractive, and she turns you on in all the most intimate and embarrassing ways, that's fine too. All it is is your body reacting to another person's body, and no one has much control over that. As long as you recognize and accept that that is not a socially appropriate response, and do your best to keep things at a level the other person is comfortable with, it's fine. It will all be fine. You know why?

Because you have to deal with green lights and not-dogs and haunted laundromats and giant guys with shovels and timey-wimey shenanigans and time cancer and future selves and people stuck to a couch and the frailness of your own bodies and cold and wet and a bajillion other things that we haven't seen yet.

OK! OK, she's just going to, like, pretend that all of that didn't happen. She's got bigger stuff going on, right?

What is she even doing? She's in the tent again because she RAN AWAY again, like a big baby and… Of course! Clothes!

Clothes for Bina!

Click, click, whirr…

A pair of scrubs emerges from the machine.

Bina decides that she's not going to read too much into this.


Might want to revise that bit from the second-to-last update, unless you were intentionally going for the jumbled thoughts style.

Thanks Lacemaker! That sentence makes noooo sense. Fixing it!