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Bina hits enter.

Ha! Ha ha ha! Clothes! Clean clothes!

There are a few whirring noises, then a click and one of the numbered drawers drops open and some tightly folded fabric slowly emerges from the depths of the machine.

Bina reaches for the clean clothes but -

Oh, wait! TIME CANCER! All over her hands!

The dispensor starts making an impatient beeping noise waiting for her.

Bina grabs the wet wipes and furiously cleans her hands, all the while the machine at her, a disapproving robot.

"Bina!? Kinda little naked here!"

"Almost done!"

She'll just give her the scrubs and th - Wait! Towels!

Bina bops the machine again, getting a second set of large scrubs.

"Look, I'm just going to put my - "

"No! No! I'm coming! Wait!"


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