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> Good, anything else that's useful?

There are a LOT of gas-mask filters. Like, six boxes, and there's a few empty boxes too. They seem to be pretty serious about the gas-mask thing.

No gas-masks though, at least on these shelves. Just the filters.

> take a small amount of cleaning supplies with you. You never know when it could come in handy.

Well they already have a bottle of spray cleaner from B12's backpack.

… but still. She can't leave without taking something.

She has to jump to grab a pack of wet wipes from the top shelf, and only then realizes that she doesn't have anything to store her loot in. The backpack is still outside.

>Bina: Flashlight batteries are notorius for dying when you need them. Either grab more flashlights than two or steal the batteries from the others.[/QUOTE
> Check to see if they work. And possibly bring more, just in case.

>You should make sure those flashlights work. At all.

Hmm. Good idea.

Notice how odd it is that one flashlight is normal, and the other one is green …

So… that happened.


P.S. did you mean pipettes?

I did! Thank you.