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>Bina: couldn't you tear down those curtain things to use as makeshift towels maybe?

The curtains are made of more of the tent plastic. They wouldn't make good towels, but -

> Or, like I said, protection from the glass?

- they'd probably work as protection against the broken glass in the truck. She makes a mental note to pull them down before she leaves.

Bina: Ooh! Stuff to your left Bina. Stuff to your left! Stuff to take your mind off dead corpses! Wee!

But right now she's going to look at these shelves of stuff.

There's a lot of stuff here. A lot of it is medical or chemistry stuff. There's a lot of cleaning supplies too, and a stack of boxes full of what turns out to be replacement filter cartidges for gas masks.

Hmmm… more bodybags, like the box she found upstairs. This is where they're using them. The box she finds is only half full.

Pipettes, more cleaning supplies, a box of those colour coded toe tags, staples, and - aha!


Bina takes two.


That says B-34 not 5-34 unless my eyes deceive me.

You are correct! But that was an error on my part. It is supposed to say 5-34. Thanks for spotting that. It was 3:00am and my brain was not braining properly.