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When's dinner?

It's not dinner time silly! It's just after breakfast time!

Granny gave me some idli's but I ate them and they're in my tummy now.

>What are you drawing?

It's a secret!

Don't worry. I have enough green crayons.

> How old is grandma?

Really old.

I asked her if she had a triceritops as a friend when she was little because triceritops are the best dinosaurs.

She said no, and laughed, so she probably was friends with something else.

Like a tyrannosaurus!

> Dog: Be named Rtoip

> Does doggie have a name?

what is dog name

Her name is Piotr. She is my friend and she is from Russia and she is a girl even though her name sounds like a boy.

She has a big black nose, and a waggly tale and a rubber snake in her mouth.

> what's school like?

It is big and red and made of brick. Mrs. Minton teaches us books and activities and movies sometimes on Fridays.

She is my favorite teacher, but she doesn't let me sleep in the classroom even when I'm really tired.

>Chibi-Bina: Did grandma tell you any stories while you visited?

Uh huh. She told me about lots of stories tomorrow, after mom stops yelling, when we go on the bus with the open roof and look at all the buildings.

She says that when she was little she wrote in the newspaper for real, not just crossword puzzles, so she says she knows all the stories in this city. Even the ones she's not supposed to know.

I asked her to tell me one of those not-supposed-to-know stories and she did but it wasn't very interesting because it was just about money and had no dinosaurs or gods in it.

But not now. Right now we don't do stories. Right now we are going to talk about monsters.