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> I still say you need that diary, it could inform you a lot.

"I think we still need the diary!"

"I… agree?"

> Bina: go look for spare clothes/towels while Kendra showers, basically anything that'd allow her to dry herself instead of walking around dripping wet and getting hypothermia in this time-cracked cold you're both in.

"So I'm goinna go look in this tent here, now, ok? We need a flashlight, and maybe a towel or something and -

"Bina, we have to get this stuff off of us."


"No! I'll be fine! It's just mud! You shower now, I'll go later!"

I still say you should find some clean clothes first. If the mud is full of Time Cancer then you don't want to be wearing clothes soaked in the stuff

"Besides, we don't want to put on our dirty clothes right? It's be counterproductive, putting on dirty clothes, right? After getting clean. I mean, that would kind of not make sense, right? Especially if they're full of uranium or TIME CANCER or something - "

"Time cancer?"

"Or something! I mean. Yeah. Maybe there's suits in here, there, the tent I mean. This one, right here. The suits they mentioned. On the whiteboard. That would be good, right? OK! Getting the suits now, bye!"

"Bina! Come back! You're probably covered in toxic waste!"

"I'll be fine!"