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They reach the open-air tent. Kendra has to duck her head slightly to step under the awning.

"This must be where they're sorting the stuff they've found in the factory."

"Looks like it. I guess this is their assignment board here. I think. It looks like they've been down here for weeks. They've mapped out a lot."

"Do you see another way out of here?"

"Maybe, I'm not entirely sure if I'm reading this right. I think this here might be a subway tunnel."

"I'm not sure if we can get there though. What about you? Do you see anything useful?"

> Tent and stuff with it: Be unassumingly unassuming.

"No, it's all just junk from the factory. Tables for brushes and gears. There's a bin over there of ledgers, one for jars, I think this table is just shoes. A lot of shoes. Here's one for miscellaneous junk. Clocks, old photos, it looks like they're just picking up everything that isn't mud or a brick and bringing it here."

"I doubt there's, like, a plan for something like this. I guess they must be scrambling."

"I don't see any flash-lights or any of those little flag things. I think their supplies are somewhere else, probably in one of the big tents."