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This is me! I am six and a quarter years old. I like yellow and dinosaurs and horses.

This is my grandma's house.

It is not like a real house. It is an appartement, which is a house but with lots of other houses too.

She lives FAR away in a big city called Hyderabad.

We had to take the SUBWAY and TWO planes and a TINY CAR with three wheels.

Mom and Dad were really tired. They are asleep now.

I am not tired because I am six and six-year-olds-have-too-much-energy-and-also-she-slept-on-the-plane-thank-god, which is what my mom said. Dad didn't say anything but he went to bed too.

This is grandma!

She has a cane and a cigar. She writes in the newspaper.

This is me again. I am drawing.

It's just me, grandma, and the doggie.


For the moment, Bina is too little to respond to commands. She can answer questions though.

Am I drawing this entire sequence with my tablet pen clenched in my fist? Yes. Yes I am.