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>Put your clothes in the washing machine

Bina puts her clothes ON the washing-machine. The one with the lid down. It's not on, there's no vibration when she touches it. Maybe it's out of service.

She starts to head further into the darkened laundromat, looking for the light-switch and then she hesitates. It's very hot, and very dark. Maybe she should call out again? Someone DID turn off the TV. So there's probably someone here.

She knows she's being silly, but she's really not looking forward too tripping over something in the dark.

> Yeah, call out if anyone's there.

Bina calls out hello again, is their anyone here? She's going to do laundry now, and maybe you could turn on some lights?


There is no response. The laundromat is deeply silent. No machines stir the close hot air. Bina realizes that the air conditioning must be off. She can't hear anything except her own breathing.

Stuff this. Bina decides to go find the light-switch.

> Just feel around on the walls; you should find it eventually.

Bina heads deeper into the laundromat. Aha! Look, there's the light-switches. She can just barely see it in the dim light from the street, but it looks like they're between the bulletin-board and the first row of dryers.

She starts to head toward them when she almost trips on something on the floor.