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It also seemed like B12 was talking about something bad, so it might be a good idea to avoid the truck for now?

"What exactly did the note say? Wasn't it bad?"

"I don't know, it's with the thermos in the backpack. Bend down and I'll fish it out."

"All right."

Bina unzips the backpack while Kendra is still wearing it.

Kendra cranes her neck around, trying to see what Bina is doing. "You know, I could just take it off and -

"No no, I got it."

>Pretty sure B12 said glove box.

"Ok right! She says that she left her journal in the glove box, along with some food and water. She also thought that I might be reading this note inside this truck. If this is the truck she's talking about."

"She thought you'd be inside THAT? It doesn't look particularly comfortable."

The cabin of the truck has faired much worse then the undercarriage. There are sheets of metal folded like fabric. Glass everywhere.

"I think our timelines are more different then she thinks. This truck might have been whole in her timeline, or at least not as broken."

"If this is the truck she was talking about."

"Yes. If this is the truck."

"Hey! Be careful! There's got to be glass and metal all over the floor there."

"I am being careful."

"Do you think we really need it? The journal, I mean. It looks like it's full of sharp things inside there."

"Yeah, but… it's a journal from the future."

"Right. OK. Yeah, that would probably help."

"That's what I'm thinking."

"Anyong going inside that thing is going to get cut up something fierce."

"I think I can just reach in and -

"It really doesn't look safe Bina. Not even just to try to get close enough to reach inside."

"Hmmm… maybe we can find something we can use for padding."