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It looks like the lights are working, which means you have electricity down here. Hopefully you can find other helpful devices like the phone around, so I would suggest checking that building off to your right. You could find a heater, or a radio, or any number of things to put you in a better position than you are now. It would probably be best to get out of the rain, but stay close enough to the phone that if it rings, you could answer. Rescue is still your best option.

"I don't want to get too far away from the phone. If they call back, I want to be able to answer it."

>Check the turned over vehicle

>Check the truck first. It's modern, right, so why is it flipped over? See if you can access the cockpit, the driver might have left their cellphone there.

>Start with the TRUCK…

"Ok, so, how about the truck?"

"The truck?"

"Yeah, that truck."

The turned over CAR: B12 wrote something about a car and the Moment.

"The note from B12, remember, it said that she'd… I can't remember. It said something about a truck. I thought it was a truck outside, on the street, and I'd missed it, but maybe this is the truck."

"Ok," says Kendra, sounding dubious again, "Why is there a truck here anyway? This thing is pretty big. It's gotta be way too big for the crane."

"Uh… I don't think it took the crane down. I think it, maybe, took a shortcut."

"You're thinking this is what made a hole in the roof?"

"Do you see anything else? And why would it be here otherwise? On its side like that."

"It's pretty… you know, not smashed to bits for falling that far."

"Maybe it landed on something soft?"


You know what takes a remarkable amount of time to draw? The underside of trucks.