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"It wasn't so bad! You got the important bits out, and you only sounded a little crazy."

"No no, I can do better. Maybe if I call back an - "

"Kendra. That message might have been left nights ago."

"But what about the thunderstorm? It hasn't rained all week. This is the - "

"Right, ok, but what are we going to do? Keep calling them?"

Kendra sighs, "Fiiine. I hate leaving phone messages."

"I kinda gathered that."

"You're not shivering anymore."

"I shoved the hotpad thing down my shirt, but I don't think that's it. It's warmer here then it was close to the laundromat. Even the rain is warm."

>Well, are there police? There's a hole in the ceiling, so you should be able to hear any sirens, emergency crew, etc.

If there are any of such noises, they are drowned out by the noise of the storm.

"I guess we should look around."


"Yeah. Any idea where to start?"