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>Accidentally spend the whole time arguing over who gets to talk instead of saying anything meaningful.

They both sort of panic.

[size=10]"What do I say? What do I say!?"

"I don't know! Just say something!"[/size]

Leave a message summarizing your predicament just in case anybody checks the voicemail.

"Ok! Uh. I - Hi! Hello. Um. We are down in the hole, and umm -

"We need help!"

> "I don't know who they are, but we have gotten stuck in here and would like to get out".

"Yes! Right. We need help! Uh, we don't know where Kate or Josh are. There isn't anyone down here, it's just us, and the crane controls are broken and we'd really like to get out, of here. So, if you could maybe, do that… that would be great!"

[size=10]"God, what am I saying?"

"You're doing great! Keep going!"[/size]

> (snip) and suggest they tell the police about the crazy man with a shovel who ran the collapsed laundromat

"Uh, you should also be really careful and maybe call the police because there is a dangerous guy who is attacking people out there and -

"He might hit you with a shovel!"

" - And he might hit you with a shovel. So call the police!"

"Oh! There are probably police around the laundromat, because it just fell down. Like, an hour ago."

"So maybe you could get those police? That's an idea. Please call us back, or send help or maybe do both? Soon. 'Cause we really need help! Uh… OK. Have a great day. Bye!"

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