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"Oh! OH! I have a plan! I have a plan!"

So this would of been harder to describe in words so I took a moment to make a crude comic explaining what to do.


Good plan? Good plan.

Bina explains.

"So we take the blanket and the thermos, see, and we…"

"And then we go…"

"And after that we…"

"Soooo…. whaddayou think?"

> So yeah, don't touch those wires. In fact stay far away from those wires as possible.

"Uh. I - I don't think we should do that, um, at all."

"I mean, it's a good idea, but umm… there are a few small problems." Kendra appears to be trying to pick exactly the right words. "It would, um, not work, and also we would probably die."

"Ah," says Bina, deflated, "Well nuts."


There are some times where you get a command and you spend all day giggling about how incredibly awesome it is. This was one of those time. Thank you BreadProduct. Thank you so much. I really had fun with this one. Your idea wasn't stupid, it was awesome. It just wouldn't work here.

I know everyone really wants them to do the phone thing, and they WILL, I just had to use this one. It was so amazing.