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>Bina: Does that suspiciously ax cut looking cut look like it was cut with an ax?

That cut looks like just about the size of a spade.

"You think that looks like something done with, taking a wild leap here, a shovel?"

"Yeah. I really do."

"I am getting really sick of this guy."

"Meee too."

Does that phone work? If not, you can maybe salvage some wire from it to fix the thing?

"I don't suppose you know how to fix that," says Bina.

"Actually, I kind of do. I mean, it's just a couple broken wires. We just need to connect the ends and it should work."

"Really?! That's g -

"There's a bit of a problem with that though. It's a frickin' live-wire right now. You see the sparks? And uhhh… I don't think the generator is down here. See? The power lines extend out of the hole."

"So we probably can't turn it off."

"We cannot, in fact, turn it off."

Read the note. And don't touch the sparking wire.

"Well that's just lovely. I wonder what the note says. Who wants to bet its more cryptic bulls -

Bina peels the post-it note from the electrical tower and makes a stifled snorting noise.

"What? What's it say? Is it more creepy stuff? Is it from the shovel guy?"

"Nope," says Bina, sounding tight in her throat. "It's not from him."

"What is it then?"

The rain is rapidly turning the thin paper into pulp, but it's still clear enough for the moment. Bina reads aloud, "To whoever has been leaving bubblegum stuck to the buttons of the crane controls, PLEASE STOP, it not funny and it is gross and unhygienic."

"We're all qualified professionals here and, I think, if we all pull together, REALLY stretch ourselves, and try our HARDEST, it is just possible that we might be able to reach the maturity level of third graders. Thank you."

"Then it's signed, 'Dr. K'"