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"This place is bigger then I thought it would be."

"T-they must have been down here f-for a while, to set-up the sandbags, and the pump like this."

"You're shivering, do you want the blanket back?"

"In a b-bit, there might be s-something to wear around h-here, b-but I'll t-take one of the h-hot-pads. My h-hands are f-frozen again."

"Here you go. We've got uh… one, two, three of those left."


They come to the line of sandbags.

"Here, let me help you over this."

"I g-got it."

Bina hauls herself over the damp bags. She has to dig her toes into the soles of her shoes hard to keep the muck from tearing them off her feet as she breaks free.

Inside the sandbags there are a few centimetres of silty water, but the mud has not breached the wall.

> Dead bodies: Begin

"If they are all dead or zombies or something, I will seriously lose my shit," says Kendra. "Just warning you."