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At this point getting taken to some lab to be dissected might be a step up if they kept you warm on the way. Unless you have good reason to believe people there are going to harm you just go on up. Literal frostbite and hypothermia trump hypothetical government conspiracies.

Haha warmth! And light!

Seconding Kytin, that is.

"OK, I'm g-going. I don't c-care if they're e-evil scientists, I just want to g-get out of this m-mud."

"Me too, but I don't like the quiet. Where is everyone?"

"It m-might just be b-because it's like f-five in the morning. They m-might just not be in to w-work y-yet."

"And they left all their lights on because…?"


"Just stick close to me, ok?"


Their approach is, like Bina predicted, not quiet. There are a lot of submerged bricks and pieces of metal under the mud here, and their progress is a slow creep forward, feeling ahead of them with their sticks.

The camp remains still and silent, save for the low mechanical rumble of the pump.


Me: I have this great idea to speed up drawing backgrounds!
Takes four times as long doing the shortcut as it would take to just draw the backgrounds.
Me: Dangit!