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>Examine shard.

Bina can't really do that right now. Before they started walking, Bina put the shard inside the thermos. She then put the thermos inside the backpack, and she's just handed the backpack to Kendra. Besides, she doesn't think it's a good idea to fiddle with it while walking through mud that may or may not be full of dead people.

"Hey! Th - "

"I am not taking the backpack."

> Kendra: Begrudgingly take it.

"I know! OK. I get it. That wasn't what I was saying."

"All right."

"Argh, I just cannot get this thing on properly. I think it's too small."

"No, look, here there's little buckle thingies at the bottom of the straps - see? Right there."

"Aha, ok. That works."

"So what were you saying?"


"You said that you weren't saying anything about the backpack but -

"Oh, right.

Something: Be found in the mud.

"What I was saying was, 'Hey! That piece of plastic over there sure doesn't look 100 years old."

"What thing?"

"That thing."