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>Change the subject. Kendra sounds cold, maybe you should talk about warmth.

"Are you cold?"

"N-no, I'm good."

"Just so you know. Should you, at any point, utter the words 'I could maybe use some help a little' I am going to assume that you are, in fact, bleeding to death."

"No r-really, I'm fine."

"Or possibly on fire."

Kendra shoots Bina a dirty look.


Bina stops walking and struggles out of the backpack.

"You're wearing this now!"

"I'm tired, and its heavy, and you're wearing it. Blanket too."


Just curious if there is anything from that retcon you were in the middle of updating that might be useful to know for suggestions?

Not really, no. Which is why I didn't feel it was really important to finish. B12 gives Bina the injection and then leaves.