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the localised cold is making water vapor condense :o

Huh. I thought that the rain was coming from the hole in the roof, but now that she mentions it it has been raining everywhere. I guess it's condensation from the coldness.

"I guess," says Bina, "You mean, like condensation?"


"I guess that explains the raindrops," says Bina, "But it doesn't explain, the actual rain though."

"But it does! All this cold out of nowhere has to be creating an artificial bloom of freezing air. It's been crazy hot all week, right? So lots of hot warm air, then a pocket of cold air and…"

"Instant localized downpour?"


"That's cool, but I don't really see how that helps us right now."

"Uh, yeah, I guess you're right. That light is giving my headache a headache. Do you see the splinter anywhere?"

"No, I can barely see anything with all the reflections."

>Just grab a new shard. I mean, it's already cracked so it's like the time is asking you to take it with you.

"Maybe I can just take one of these."

"Wait, I think I see the splinter over he- "


I found fanarts! Well, sort of.

See, I was browsing a used bookstore yesterday, the graphic novels section, when who did I see but Bina peeking out from one of the covers! Of course it had to come home with me, and I read it, and the story is ok though a bit darker than I prefer. The cover is a completely different art style than the inside, so that particular character doesn't look like Bina ever again, but tell me this isn't the spitting image of Bina being all bad*ss.



It's like her evil twin or alternate-timeline self or something. I totally support Bina carrying a shotgun bigger than she is. If you squint and forget the title you can almost pretend she's surrounded by green light and is protecting that young girl from a certain vine-tendril-ed mistress.

Wow! That looks pretty cool! She does look a lot like a much heavier armed (and taller) version of Bina.

I might have to check that out. The premise sounds entertaining.

(jack, you forgot to bold Kendra's dialogue. Just fyi)

Yikes! Thanks Viiranen!

(EDIT: I also kind of assumed they were in the work yard place hole.)

Yep! That's where they are!