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Not in recent memory, no.

I think we fucked up, Kendra.

"No! Really no! There was just one crack in the hallway, by the Tv. This is… bad."

"You don't say."

> Where are all the cracks pointing towards?

They're not really pointing towards anything. It doesn't look like there was one originating impact that spread the cracks. It looks more like…



"It looks like one of those bowls. You know. The ones that look like they're made of cracked glass, but they're actually all shiny and smooth? They always have them at Ikea."

>Kendra: explain what she sees.

"It looks like broken wood for me. Sort of. It's really weird. Splinters everywhere. Eurgh."

"Hey! You're looking!"

"Sure am. Here, take this."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"No, are you sure it's dangerous?"

"Uh, not exactly."

"It's my risk to take then, right?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, I guess."

Well, this certainly explains why it's so COLD in the middle of summer.

"I guess this explains the cold. All these cracks."

"Yeah" says Kendra, and then with more enthusiasm. "Oh!"

"And that explains all the rain!"