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>Or is it? Why would kleenexes be in a 100 year old factory that has no right being there in the first place? Examine it closer, or take it with you to look at it later.

>Box: Contain soggy kleenexes. Soggy 19th century kleenexes.

"Kleenex? Like, 19th century Kleenex?"

"What? No. This is from the office, remember? We used some of them on my tooth."

"Oh yes, those Kleenex."

"I guess you must have brought them back and dropped them when you lost your balance."

"Makes sense."

>Kendra saw the shard as a piece of wood. Are you sure this isn't it?

"You sure it isn't just the same time-thing, just disguised as Kleenex? I mean, it can look like different things to different people."


"But I'm preeeeetty sure that this is just a soggy Kleenex box full of mud."

"Right. OK. Well I have the pipes. I know you want to find this thing but we don't want to spend too long in this mud."

Bina nods and shivers.

Can't Bina use her timey-wimey powers to detect the shard, or like, SUMMON it to her or something?

You can't afford to spend too long searching. You need to get to The Moment, and besides, you don't want to freeze to death. If only you had some sort of special light that made broken pieces of time more visible…

"All right, but I want to try something first. I think it might react to the light from my arm."

"Are you sure that's a good idea? The note from your future-past self said that could be dangerous."


Oops, my hand slipped and I accidentally fan arted

[strk]I'm not sorry tho[/strk]

Aaah! That is super cool.