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"Really? That fast?"


"OK! Be careful picking it up!"

"I will!"

Pick it up with your left hand.

Good idea! 'Can never be too careful!

The mud is thinner here, burned barbecue chocolate milk. Bina wonders why it hasn't started to freeze yet.

Did she lose it? It was right at her foot before. A sharp corner, a few centimeters off the ground, and light, not a brick.

Aha! There it is!



"False alarm. It's just the danged Kleenex box."


Author: Notice the lack of bandages on Bina's left hand. Act like you meant to do that.

Never! Thank you for catching that!

There are a painfully high number of continuity errors in All Night Laundry when I go back and reread. I am really happy when someone catches one in time for me to be able to actually fix it.

I sometimes dream of having time to do continuity editing. Alas, such dreams will have to wait for my next project.

Thanks again!