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>Bina: No Kendra, you go look for a walking stick. She doesn't see the piece of time as a glowing shard of glass after all.

> 2nding. Bina would have an easier time then Kendra.

"Uh, I think maybe I should look for it."

"The mud is up to your thighs Bina, and you said you see it as a piece of glass. How are you going to find a clear piece of - "

"A clear piece of glowing glass."

"Ahh… glowing. That makes sense then. Ok. Pipes it is then."

She turns toward the large stack of loose piping.

You should be able to feel anything on the ground with your shoe. Just swing it slowly in wide arcs.

Bina doesn't mention that it is unlikely that she'll be able to see something glowing through three feet of mud.

She walks to roughly the area where they returned from their trip to the laundromat and starts sweeping the area with her foot.

Almost at once, she feels it hit something submerged.

Find the shard with remarkable ease. Raise the other eyebrow.

"Holy crap! I think I found it!"


Author: Have a dance party, because +1 reader. Aw yeah…