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>You probably need the shard/wood to get to the Moment. Fetch it.

>You'll need all the weird stuff "on your side" you can get; go fetch it.

> Get that shard. It'll be important later on, you just know it.

"I really think we're going to need it."

Go get time shard. It seems important. But don't spend too long looking for it if you can't find it quickly.

"All right," Kendra does not sound convinced. "But we can't spend too long looking for it, ok?"

"I know. If we can't find it right away we'll leave it."

"Right, and you're wearing the blanket."


"You're wearing the blanket. I'm not letting you get hypothermia again."

"Fine, but I'm also wearing the backpack and you're leaning on me until we find some walking-sticks."

"Hey! It wasn't my legs that gave out just now."

"Can you swear to me that your head is 100% better?"

"All right, all right! Fine. How many of the hotpads do we have left?"

"Uh… one, two - uh, including the one I'm using now, four of the little ones. There was only one of the big ones, and that one's all used up."

"OK. Pack them up. Lets go."