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The two of you aren't playing patty-cake here. With all that's happened, the idea that either, or both of you, might not survive is not exactly a suprise. Tell her.

> Be honest; just tell her.

Kendra's tough. She can take it and well…

You can't just not tell her anything, and you are a terrible liar even when there is good reason for it. You have to tell the truth.

Bina is rubbish at lying. Just dreadful at it. Trying to lie, or talk around it, would be really obvious, and - no, best to just tell her.

"Well, uh, she said that I only got three questions, right? Like in a story. I guess it's because I was about to be drowned in garbage but, whatever. Not important. I look, I asked - I mean - I asked what she would have done differently, if she could do it again."


"She said that I'd already done it. That I'd gotten you out of the basement."

There is a long silence.

"Before it collapsed."

Bina takes the opportunity to finish the rest of her hot chocolate.

"So that means that I -



"I was going to ask why - I mean, why past-me hadn't sent any notes, or medicine, or anything."


"'Guess we know."