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That note is really good news, because it means that while all this time travel stuff is weird, it follows rules - rules you can learn.

That IS good news.

>She mentioned a road and a truck, which should be OUTSIDE. If you need to get to this Moment, getting out of here is your main objective.

"She's talking about a truck, and a road… I think we need to get outside, to the street."

"Really? Because I was going to suggest that we just stay down here."

"Come on, you kn -

"I'm serious! I mean, it's so nice."

>Chug hot chocolate and pack up. It's probably time to get a move on.

"I'm just saying we should go now!"

"All right! Just let me finish this granola bar."

"You can eat while we walk!"

"Slog is more like it, or maybe squelch. That mud looks higher then it was earlier before, and we haven't even had any of that hot chocolate yet."

"But we need to move!"

Say "I just need a moment."

Chuckle lamely.

"I just need a moment! OK?"

"Are you serious?"

"I didn't - ok, that was not intentional."

"That was bad."

"I agree."

"I may never forgive you."

"I may never forgive myself."

"You shouldn't!"

"Aaaaaaanyway, we shouldn't rush off. You need to eat something and drink that hot chocolate and we need to think ok?"

"But - "

"Look, where are we even going to go? We can't go back through the laundromat, and I don't fancy just wandering around in a place full of sharp things covered in frozen mud hoping we find another exit! So what's the plan time travel girl?"


this was already my favorite adventure, and then you had to go and throw fourth dimensional stuff in there HOW DID YOU KNOW I LOVE THAT STUFF <3

I have done science!

Secret science!

ALSO! All Night Laundry will be ONE ENTIRE YEAR OLD as of ONE WEEK from today. That will be (barring shenanigans) a full year of daily updates. Holy crap! This was only supposed to be like three months long! What happened?! Aaaah!

That is next Thursday.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for that. Possibly explode? I don't know!

If any of you have ideas for how to celebrate the Birthday of this weird and wonderful thing we are doing, please tell me!

Right now, my best idea is giving away some spooky games on Steam, but there have to be better ideas out there.