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>Breathe onto your hands and rub them together to try and warm them? Or are they just sore?

"What'd you do to your hands?"

"Well I got stabbed by a magical time monster and then later I hauled an unconscious person who is three times my own weight through thick mud from that doorway over there. That tiny doorway, far away."

"Hey! I'm not three times your size!"

"Well, all right, I mean-

"Maybe two and a half times your size. Two and three-quarters."


"You carried me?"

"You sorta stumbled for a bit of it, but yeah. I guess, it was more sorta dragged then carried."

"Eehh… I don't remember any of that."

"Probably for the best."

"I remember you pulling the nail out of the wall, and then we were back in the tunnel, and then everything goes blurry. I remember… I remember falling into the mud, and then I was here on this platform and you were holding my arm and we were both freezing to death.

"Well, it sucked. A lot. How's your head doing?"

"Its better."

"Really? 'Cause you still seem sorta - "

"No, I mean - yes - it's better - but no, it's not - I'm still - look. I'll be fine, ok? Don't worry about me. "

Bina doesn't say anything to that.

>Once Kendra is up try and find a gel pack that isn't frozen and hold it between your hands

"Dang, it is still freezing down here. Get over here under the blanket again, or we're going to have to figure out what the plural for hypothermia is. Are there any more hot-pads?"

"I think so. There should be some in the - oh! The backpack! There's gotta be more stuff in that."

"Are you going to explain what the whole deal with the backpack is? Because, not that I'm complaining exactly, but the fact that it had the cleaning supplies, and then this blanket and the hotpads in it, right when we needed them. That is pretty danged convenient, don't you think?"


Um… Possibly your hands are hurting because you have grown claws?

I think that's just an art thing… hopefully.
Or not, because having claws is cool.

Yes, that was just an art thing.

I thought her eyelid looked wierd in that image.

No claws for Bina. That -would- be cool.