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>What kendra?

Probably the one who said "Mmmmawake. Iiii'm awake."

Yeah, that one. She's is awake and also complaining.

"Uuurgh, my butt is entirely numb. Like, completely. I am worried we may have to amputate."

"How would you even do that? I don't think you even -can- amputate someone's butt."

"It may be necessary. I cannot feel it at all."

"I am not cutting off your butt, ok? That is not happening."

"That's tough but fair. Help me up then."

> How are your legs feeling?

Pretty crappy now that she thinks about it.

Her knees in particular are registering strong complaints regarding the prospect of future movement.

The big problem are her hands.

"Right - ow - ow! Careful with the hands! Hands are hurting! Ow!"

They are not doing so hot.