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"What the heck is going on?"

"Benoît hit a dog and then this Russian guy started whaling on him."

"Why was there a dog down here?"

"There's no gate to the alley up there."


"Hey, woah - uhh - I think it's still alive."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No, look, it's moving."

"That machine must weigh like fifteen tons."

"Oooh christ."

"Do you think we should move the loader? We could maybe roll it off-

"Oh I dunno, it's stuck right under there, look at all the blood, I think that might make it worse."

I can't breathe right. I'm trying but I can't. The wheel is on top of me, pinning me to the dirt. I try to wriggle out but something is wrong and I can't wriggle properly and my legs won't move and huuuurts and I want packleader to make it go away. I want to be back in the warm place with the spinning machines and my little round bed, or even in the tiny-room-with-no-games, or in the falling-place with other-me where there are no smells, or anywhere but here because the bad smell is everywhere and this isn't the game and I -


"Hey! You! Let him go!"


"What the hell?"

"Let him go!"


"He hit Benoît in the -

"Let him go to her! Can't you see she's dying? Let him go!"

"All right! All right!"

"Careful big 'fella!"


"Piotyr, is ok. Is ok! Otets is here now. Everything is ok."

Packleader is here and he is holding me. Not all the way, because he can't get me out from under the wheel, but he holds my head, and strokes my shoulders, and I bury my face in his arm.

He is making lots of scared and sad smells and I want to lick his face and make him not be scared any more, like I do when he wakes up at night and yells and does not know that I am there and that he is safe.

But I can't move and it is so hard to breathe and I just want… I want…
"Who the hell ARE you anyway?"

"Shut up!"

"All right, fine, jeeze."[/size]

"Is ok. Everything will be fine. I fix. Gregor will fix."

He runs his hand along behind my ears. I want him to take the wheel away because it is so hard to breathe and I am so tired.

"Everything will be ok. All right? Everything with be ok."

He strokes my fur, and I breathe in.

He strokes my fur, and I breathe out.

He strokes my fur, and I breathe in.

He strokes my fur, and I breathe out.

He strokes my fur and I…

And I…