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> …Are you still at both places?

No. Other-me-who-was-falling isn't here any more. She's somewhere else.

It's just me now.

"Holy crap! Holy crap, did I hit it? I saw something but I couldn't - oh merde."

"Piotyr! No no no no -"

"Oh craap! I'm sorry man - I didn't see-


"Woah! That is NOT ok! Pierre-Louis, get security down here."

"Hey! Get off of him! Hey! Hey! Help me with this guy!"

"God dammit! He's the size of a bear! Let go of him, man! He didn't mean to!"

"Calm down! Hey! Calm down!"

"You kill her! You kill her!"

"Get security down here. Now!"

"My nothe! You bathtard, you bloke by nothe!"