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>Is the game over, then?

I am done with the game! Done done! All done!

Woah skeleton. So this becomes an archeological dig site then?
> Piotyr run back to pack leader! Show them what you found!

> Piotyr now would be a good time to leave the badsmell and go to dadsmell

Piotyr, run back to pack leader the game is over

I am going back to packleader and we are going to -


And then something happens.

I am falling.

But also, I am not falling.

I am both things and I don't understand.

I am falling AND not falling, and I am still here, in the digging place, with the bad smell in my nose, and in my mouth, and in my EVERYWHERE and something is very very wrong, and packleader is not here and I cannot FIND him and -

And I am distracted.

And confused.

And there is another wheel.