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No, Bina. Stay. Piotyr wants you there, and it is always better to be around friends at the end than to be alone. I know it hurts you in the moment to watch, but later you'll regret not watching more. Because you'll remember how you treated your friend, right there at the end, and if you're not completely there, you'll always feel guilty. Even if you know they forgive you for it, you'll always wish you were strong enough to stay.

Yeah, yeah you're right. I'll stay. I'll stay.

Almost done. So close now.

I dig up the bad smell thing. It gets everywhere. Sweet and burning, and sick-meat, and dust, and dying.

Where there's digging, there must be bones. That's like a law or something.


It is Packleader. He is yelling.

He yells a lot, and he yells at ME a lot, but this is different. This isn't playing-the-game yelling, or waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night yelling, or exasperated-with-Piotyr-yelling, this is IMPORTANT yelling.

"Truck! Piotyr! There is truck! Stop! Run!"

I don't understand. I drop my tail. I feel guilt feelings.

Packleader is upset. Am I being Bad Girl? I don't want to be Bad Girl. Was I not supposed to dig? I don -

Aaah! Big wheel-thing!

I jump out of the way.

The wheel crunches the bad-smell-things.