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Is that graffiti on the wall of DEVIL - BOX - DEVIL

Or are you smelling it?

chase the cat pictures

No! See? Those are lies.

They look like cats but they are FLAT and also they have no smells so I am too clever to be fooled by them.

Ohh! This is where we are. I remember this place. We're going to the construction site.

Man, the world looks weird in doggy-vision.

> Running is fun! Yay!

Yes yes yes! I love to run!

Packleader is running now too, after me, but I am quicker then he is, because I am smart and use all of my feet.

"Come back Piotyr!"

But then I run out of places to run!

"OK! Come back little girl. You are not going to be making Gregor climb down that hill again yes?"

> Find some other friend to play game with.

I already have! They live out here!


Don't they smell beautiful?

"Yes yes! Good girl! Stop at ledge! Stop at ledge!"