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Hi hi! Hello! Hi!

Uhh… hi?

I am Piotyr! This is me!

Hello! Hi! You smell like smells!

Can you hear me?

I smell like this! See?

I'd rather not see your bum Piotyr, if that's ok.

I am very excited now! So exited!

It is THE TIME for excited!

I can't contain all the excitement so I do the happy dance with my tail and I try not to make the urgent NOW NOW NOW noises in my throat, because he might hear me!

Sometimes, when he hears me make the noises, he doesn't understand and instead of DOING THE THING he puts me in the TINY ROOM instead, and we won't get to PLAY.

But it is soooo hard to be quiet because it is SO EXCITING!

So you -can't- hear me. Hmm…

It is exciting because I didn't know, but now I do. That is the BEST! When you don't know something and then you KNOW!? Isn't it!? It is! It is the best and this is the best BECAUUUUUSE…

It is TIME!

It is TIME for THE GAME!



I laughed out loud at this. Wishbone was great!