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"OK! OK. I got this. I am going to do this."

>Bina: You need to go deeper.


"You know, there's an inception joke here somewhere."

"If you make the bwaaaaa noise I swear I'm going to - "

> Okay! Now all we need to do is figure out how to jump into Debbie's head. It ought to be super easy!

"Hey! You don't have time for threats, you need to be figuring out how you're going to get into her head."

"Ah, see, I thought about that."


"Well, I think I'll just go with my gut on this one…

"Ooooh no."

"Weeeellll somebodies guts."

"I know that look! Don't do anything stupid!"

"What? Me? Never!"

"Oh god… just try not to kill anyone. OK?"

"Take care of Piotyr for me!"

"Sure, but you realize that I'm just a projection of your subconscious and -

"I don't care! Here goes!"