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"What are you talking about?"

"Why not jump into her head?"

"You mean Piotyr? I don't know if that would - "

"No! I mean her head."

Lash points at Debbie, who is struggling to get her bulk around the corner.

Bina: Enter not-dog's head.

"You're crazy, which, I guess, means that I am crazy. Great! Thank you subconscious, glad to have that one figured out."

"No! It makes sense!"

"How does it make sense? I'm trying to avoid having Debbie chow down on Piotyr. Kind of hard to do that if I'm inside her head, isn't it?"

"No, look. You leave Piotyr here with me. If you're in Debbie's head, then Debbie, by extension can't be in your head. That means that Piotyr is safe-ish -

"Assuming I don't die."

"Assuming you don't die, of course, or get turned inside out, or whatever, you'll find out more about Ms. Unpup. Maybe you figure out what's going on with her and Piotyr."

There is a moment of silence broken only by the splintering noise of tiles being shredded by the Not-Dogs talons as she hauls herself around the corner.

"This is a terrible idea."

"You love it! You know you love it."

"I do. Here, take the dog."



Hurray for Zim!