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A stern command and firm tone always work when it comes to misbehaving pets!

"Droooop it!"

"Good girl! Whose a good girl? Is it you!? It IS you!"

>Not-dog: Interrupt.

"Not to interrupt or anything, but do you hear a sort of thumping noise?"

I listen.


"That sounds familiar."

It does. It sounds like the washing machine noise from before.

"That's the sound the un-dog made the first time - when it was trapped in the washing machine. When did you hear that?"

"I didn't! You did."


"I'm a dream, remember? I'm part of your memories. I'm starting to remember your life, and as a dream image of the memories of your first girlfriend I have to say that this is getting really weird. I mean weirder than it already was."

"I am going to need SO MUCH THERAPY when I get out of this mess!"

"That's gotta be Debbie finding her way into this dream again, right?"

"Yeah. Of course."

"So what do we do now? There's the office door over there. Do we run for it again?


Hurray! I'm at home! *cuddles tablet* I missed you baby.

>Do you still have that shard of reality somewhere? Try cutting the strings of the tv. You know, for science.

Bina does not currently have the reality shard, in her dream or in reality.. Kendra dropped it when she had her bad reaction to time travel. It is currently somewhere in the mud near the entrance to the tunnel.

Nope. Can't let you do that, Star-Dog.


I feel this feels/Fits into this entire story so far.

Oooh! Pretty music!