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Image. Long shot. Bina striding down the laundromat toward Piotyr wagging a finger. She is now wearing the long t-shirt and jeans that she started tonight in. They are not covered in mud. Her right arm is wrapped in bandages. Behind her, Lash is skipping to catch up.

"Stop that Piotyr. No. Don't give me those cute puppy-dog eyes. No! I am impervious to your adorably quivering eyebrows. You know that you shouldn't be eating the weird static melty stuff! It is bad for you AND we are in the middle of being chased by past and/or possibly-future probably-you. We don't have time for this. You are being a bad girl! Drop it!"

Image. Medium Shot. Piotyr with static dripping from her chin. She is trying to look cute. Her eyes are very large and are reflecting the hanging ropes of static around her.

"I said, drop it puppy. Now!"