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>Bina: Is there a sleeping, older you on the seats?

Sadly no, that would have been cool, but no.
> Oh look a drying machine for your wet clothes. Too bad you don't have any spares to wear in the meantime.

The dryers aren't in this part of the laundromat. I'd have to go deeper in order to find them.

>Bina: Examine hole.

I look at the hole.

>Down the rabbit hole we go.

Uh uh. No.

GIF CYCLE. Medium shot. We see the hole in the floor from Bina's perspective. There are a few layers of linoleum, then some cracked pieces of particle board. Inside the hole black water oozes from the sides, gradually becoming more organic as it descends. The sides of the hole twitch as though they were alive.

Heck no.

No. Not going down there. No.

Definitely not.


I look up from the hole in time to see Piotyr wriggle out of Lash's grasp and run off around the corner.

Image. Long shot.Slightly further into the laundromat. Lash is still drawn in the Kiss Dream Sequence Style but Bina's colour is fading. Lash is looking off screen right, in the direction that Piotyr has run off in. She's taken a few steps in that direction and is unconsciously reaching after the dog with one hand. Bina has is closer to her then last panel and is yelling for Piotyr.

"Piotyr!" I yell, "Come back you silly dog!"

"Sorry, she head-butted me and I -

"It's ok. I reeeeally don't think we should stay here anyway. The Big Bad Wolf has been in this building before and I doubt it's going to have a problem finding a way in again."

"You mean The Big Bad Giant Undead Dream Time Dog?"

"I am thinking that we might need to come up with a better name for that thing."

"Reeeeally? But the one we have is so concise."


So yeah, these still just have no images, they're broken. I'm adding them to my list of things to finish like the second retcon.