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"You need to what!?"

"Talk to the door."

"It doesn't even have a handle!"

"That doesn't matter! This is a dream!"

"Sure! Whatever! Maybe you should do it really fast then, 'cause the giant time thingy -

"The giant undead dream time dog?"

"Yes! That thing! It's kind of running at us really fast!"

>Well, that makes sense. Give that door a stern talking-to.

"Right! Yes. OK. Hey door! You need to open anywhere other then here. Right now. OK? You got that. ANYWHERE other then here!"

I open the door.

"Come on!"

> Where are we going?

> Try to remember that time you went to the laundromat. Go there now.

"Craaaaap! This place again!?"


Hey everyone! I'm visiting my family this weekend for a combination birthday and easter celebration that Morphimus has helpfully named "Beaster", which is the best name for a celebration ever.

Unfortunately, while I was diligently packing up all my electronics, including my tablet, I forgot to pack my tablet pen. Clever me. So now I have a well packed and highly expensive table weight and I can't draw anything tonight. I probably won't be able to draw anything tomorrow or Sunday either.

Boo hiss!

I feel very silly, but unfortunately my family lives 500 kilometres away from where I live, so I can't just skip back home to pick it up. There is the vague possibility that I might be able to acquire a tablet pen tomorrow, but I doubt that is going to happen.

So! This means that you'll be getting a look at what my scripts look like before I stick images in them. I will replace the descriptions with images when I get my pen back. This is a very unfortunate place for this to happen, as this next scene is probably going to be both visually interesting and also fairly complicated.

This really bites. :(

EDIT: I did eventually go back and add the art for this. Go me!