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Oh god. Ohh god! I've done it. I've ruined everything forever again! How could I have thought that she could ever feel that way about me?! Should I try to pass it off as a joke? How could I do this? Maybe I can -


My mind goes entirely blank for a second. I forget how to words.

Eventually, after approximately a million years, I rediscover language and say, "What?"




It is now my turn to stare.

I try to check in with my brain on what I'm supposed to do next. I don't have a plan for this. I have a lot of different plans for when she says no, but no plan for this.

My brain tells me that is too busy freaking out right now, and I'm going to have to deal with this on my own.

I take refuge in practicality. "Uh, you're going to have to bend down a little."

"OK," she says again.

And she does.

For a second, I think about going with something chaste, a peck on the corner of her mouth maybe, or on her nose, for a laugh, but no.


That won't do.

This might be the only time I ever get to kiss her, this might be it, and if this the only time I get to kiss her, I'm going to do it right.

>Kiss: Happen.

Press Lash next to your body and short her out.|heart

> Bina: Kiss the girl.

I have nothing to add except to second all of the 'kiss the girl' suggestions.

So I grab her shoulders, stand up on my toes, and I kiss her.


I am terrible at kissing.

So is Lash.

We're awkward, we don't know how to stand, neither of us have any idea what to do with our hands, and half way through I almost knock her glasses off with my nose.

But it is wonderful, wonderful, and amazing, and perfect, because after a few seconds of me kissing her she starts kissing me right back.