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> Find shelter beneath a friendly old bus stop

"We can do it at the bus stop!"

"We're like TEN MINUTES AWAY from the bus stop!"


"Lets just get out of the rain then!"

"What an excellent plan!"

A kiss in the rain? How romantic!

> Find an awning to take shelter under!

"Look, ok, doorway thingy! Doorway thingy!"


We both run under into the shelter of a deep-set doorway.

The air changes. Out there its cold and feels a heck of a lot like being held under a waterfall. In here, inches away, it is cool and calm.

I am excited. I love rain, especially rain like this. I can feel my pulse beating at the base of my throat. It's exhilarating and I suck in air in big greedy gulps.

"Dang, it is really bucketing down. Sorry about this, when I heard it was going to rain I thought, you know, it was normal rain. Not this."

I am drenched. My hair clings to my neck. My dress, which is supposed to be springy and ruffled, droops.

"Not your fault. You can't control the weather."