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>don't think about glitchy not-dogs don't think about glitchy not-dogs

I'm not! I'm thinking that I really can't run in these shoes!

I decide to stop tottering and tell Lash.

"Lash! I can't keep running! I'm going to break an ankle!"

"I told you not to wear those."

"You said they were cute!"

"They ARE cute, they're just bad at, you know, being shoes. Just take them off!"

"All right, all right!"

I take off my shoes. The pavement under my bare feet is rough and I am suddenly three inches shorter.



"I just realized, my cellphone is going to explode and probably electrocute me. It's in my pocket, and, like the rest of my clothes, my pocket is now mostly made of water."

"This is why I have a bag!"

"Is it waterproof?"



"It has one of those plastic lining thingies."

"Then lemme put my phone in there."

"I'm not opening it in the RAIN. Then MY phone will get wet. Along with my other stuff!"