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> Wait, this is dream time. You can do whatever. Make things happen with your mind, that is the wondrous power of dreams!

No, I can't do that. That didn't happen. When you change things that already happened…

It goes bad.

It always goes bad.


This update should be much longer! There's this whole important conversation that's gotta happen!

Curse you Dark Souls 2! You are a very good game but exceptionally distracting!

Starting earlier tomorrow because yikes. Where did all the time go?




Well played HighwayWizard. Well played.

Shucks, I hoped there was more to catch up. This is really good.
I second all the compliments you received. I was about to write extensively all I appreciate about this adventure, but I'd feel stoopid saying things that others already said before me.
To sum up, the art is great, the reality structure is interesting (I'm a sucker for all the stories that involve well-thought time, space, quantistic and in general reality-fabric shenanigans), the concept strikes imagination (something growing inside a reality fold, and right when you settle down the though, it reaches inside YOU and continues to grow…) with its strength (I also remember a story in Sandman with a creature living and growing in the dreams of another dreamer, to eventually become adult and spread her wings into existance).
Also I have the same problem you had about stories; I have bunch of ideas for stories, and the general idea about their beginning and end, but I never brought myself through the end of one. Also I mostly suck at art.

Self-loathing aside, this obviously means
+1 reader (mostly shameless lurker)

Thanks you! The Sandman story you're talking about is "A Game Of You". It's one of my favorites.

Try not to be too hard on yourself. You'll find a way to tell your stories if you want too, and if you don't that's ok too.

The thing I have always been worried about was with the idea that I'd somehow ruin an idea that I had, because I wasn't a good enough writer, or a good enough artist.

"I can't do this idea now because I need to practice that first." As though, by touching them, I'd be doing my own ideas some kind of disservice because of my lack of skill.

I've found that this is not a useful way for me to think about things. We can always be better, more skilled, more trained, but ideas are not finite resource, you will never run out of them, and the best kind of practice is doing the thing you want to do.

Sorry, that kind of went sort of ranty there toward the end. I'm glad you're liking the adventure so far.