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> Ask them how you got here. Maybe they know.

>Ask the man about Gregor.

>Say hello.

Bina's not feeling sure of her footing right now, but now that the immediate terror has left her, she is ferociously curious about what is going on.

She stands up and her hair falls in front of her face again. She is getting so sick of not having a - wait is this the terrible bench-thing from the laundry? How weird.

She stands up, steps forward, and stops.

Both people are staring at her.

After a few seconds the man leans forward and asks in a hoarse whisper her how it is that she is do this?

Did he not get her too? Did he not show her?

How is it that she can stand?

Even little Piotr seems surprised.


Woo! Thirty updates!

I reeeally wasn't digging the design on our new friend here. She looked waaaay to much like Bina.

So I commited the CARDINAL SIN of doing something online. I *gasp* edited a previous post.

I know. I know… please forgive me.