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>Forget about laundry, remove clothes, become nudist for life.

Bina briefly considers becomming a nudist forever and never touching clothes again. It is a pleasant dream, if only she didn't live in a part of the world where not wearing clothes will kill you for 2/3 of the year.

Good old Canada.

Oh! Also the whole being naked all the time thing. That could get… tricky. You know. At school.

>Just go in and find a light switch.
If it says 24 hours and the door is unlocked then you should be allowed to go in and do laundry.

Danged right she's going to do her laundry. This is a laundromat. She has laundry to do and quarters to spend. Laundry will be done.

Bina goes to get her bag of clothes.

Streetlight: Flicker

Hmm… Bina hopes that doesn't happen again. This street is pretty dark.

She guesses that she shouldn't be surprised though. This city is apparently run by the Mob, or so her room-mate keeps telling her, so the utilities are kind of crap.

> Just enter; the outside doesn't matter much, right?

It doesn't matter. Once you're inside you can turn on the lights.

Bina decides that it doesn't matter if the street light goes out. She can just turn the lights on inside.

She heads into the laundromat.

>Go inside

>Enter inside

Hmm… pretty dark in here. Bina has been here before a few times during the day, but she's far from familiar with the place beyond the general layout. It's broadly an L-shape. The area she's in has a bunch of vertical-loading washing-machines and some deeply uncomfortable bench-chair-things.

Further back there's a bunch of dryers packed into the corner, and then the more expensive side-loading washing-machines. There's some tables and stuff too, but she can't remember where they are.

She's not sure where the light-switch is.

Oh, hey. Bina just noticed that the TV is off. That's good, it was starting too annoy her.