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Wait a moment…. WHAT is going on? How would your hand hurt them? […]

>Your hand: Explain.

I thought, before, that the bot-fly might crawl out if I took off my (bandages) glove, but it's not like that. Not really.

The bot-fly is in my hand, but it's also lots of other places too.

That's not quite right. But I can't… I can feel it, but I can't put words around it.

The bot-fly is in one place, but that place is everywhere.

No, that's not right either, it's not everywhere, not yet. Just the broken places.

And it hurt me.

It hurt me bad.

So it's where I am too.

In all my places.

Even here.

I can't get away from her. Not even in my dreams.


Nnnngh! I did not get as much done today as I wanted. Silly daylight savings time messing with my schedule!

Also overtime.



Don't feel like I have much to add as far as suggestions go, but I do want to drop in and actually post something after spending a couple of extra hours I probably should've been sleeping Saturday night reading through this in a straight run.

I don't know if anyone has pointed this out (since I used the super-conveient forward/back buttons to navigate the posts, thank you for those by the way), but I remember at some point you said you were drawing lots of pictures of Bina's hands/arms/etc., but hadn't really intended it as meaningful? I think it's still a pretty meaningful thing that's going on. After all, Grandma told her that she wouldn't get any easy way to beat the monsters–effectively, though I think not in so many words, she would (and does) have to do everything with her own two hands, as the expression goes. Not to mention that her right arm has the blessing/curse thing going on, with it being suspicious, dangerous, strongly tied to the..antagonist?..but still badly needed to progress and survive.

At any rate, this is an amazing adventure. My floor is littered with all the hats that are off to you.

Aaa! Thank you! That is a very interesting insight about the hands. Especially considering today's panel.

I'll have to think about that.

And I am always glad to hear that the arrows were useful! That reminds me, I should put the rest for this thread. Where did I put those scripts…