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Doesn't that TV set seem familiar?

It does look a lot like the TV that was in the laundromat.

Eurgh. The laundromat. Bina had been successfully NOT thinking about that.

Thanks for that.

This place is just as creepy as the laundry

It's not so bad. It's actually kind of nice here. At least it's not so hot. Or so the middle of the night. Or, you know, full of monsters.

Bina decides not to think about the monster for the moment.

ooooo a polish dog
carry around the beaglee

Piotr is pretty heavy for a tiny dog.

Bina doesn't think that carrying him around is going to be possible.

Also he just licked her in the -ear- which is cute, yeah, but also icky.

>Put your new baby doggie down and follow power cord to inform owner that their TV has wandered away.

She'll just move him off of her and take a quick look around.

Bina tells Piotr that he's going to have to get off her lap -

> Follow cord to see where TV is plugged in.
Also lament the apparent loss of all your clothes that were in the washing machine.

> Look out and see if you can find anyone else.

Err… ok that was easy.

There are two people sitting on a couch watching the TV. One is a very tall, pretty, korean woman. The other is a short, heavily bearded, white guy.

At last, says the man, she is notice us. Very curtious.

The woman tells him to leave off, she's been distracted by Petra.

Piotr, says the man. The dogs name is Piotr. Petra is not even Russian name.

The woman protests that she is CLEARLY a girl dog, and that Piotr is a boys name.

The man says that he knows this. He says that he is sure that Gregor also knows this. He is sure that even little Piotr herself knows this.

This, he says, does not stop her name from being Piotr.

Bina gets the feeling that this argument has happened several times.